The first
hybrid electric
solution for fleets.

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Driving Fleet Performance

customer miles on the road
gallons fuel saved
tons reduced carbon dioxide
hours driver productivity saved

Lowest-cost, highest quality hybrid for Class 2-6 fleets.

Our XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System is simple to install, great to drive, and easy to maintain. It’s a revolutionary solution that uses regenerative braking to help fleets increase fuel economy by 25%, and reduce CO2 emissions by 20% to meet sustainability goals.

Available now on major OEM platforms

Simple Integration with
Fleet Operations

Vehicles with the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System drive just like the others in your fleet – no driver training required. Because the system installs under the vehicle body, there’s no impact on cargo space. The XL3 system generates 100% of its own electricity during deceleration, eliminating the need for costly fueling infrastructure. Fleets can buy the same OEM vehicle with no changes to OEM service or warranty.

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Easy Installation Nationwide

The XL3 system installs in less than one day on both new and existing vehicles with no changes to the OEM powertrain. You can order the XL3 system at the same time as your vehicle, or direct from our nationwide network of certified installers.

Quick, Positive Payback

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System lowers the total cost of ownership for fleets. With up to a 25% increase in MPG that translates into a 20% reduction in fuel costs, lower brake maintenance, and improved driver productivity, XL Hybrids can help fleets achieve a positive payback without relying on government subsidies. 

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