Pioneering Fleet-Ready™ Hybrid Electric Drive Systems 

Fleets can purchase the same tried-and-true OEM vehicles and make them more fuel efficient and cleaner, while leaving the OEM powertrain – engine, transmission fuel and exhaust systems completely intact and unmodified.  Our award-winning XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System and the XLP™ Plug-In Hybrid Electric Drive System are both revolutionarily simple solutions that help commercial and municipal fleets lower operating costs and meet sustainability goals. Compatible with new and existing Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet vehicles, the XL3 systems can be installed in just hours on new or existing fleet assets. The XLP upfits are offered as a ship-thru on new half-ton pickup trucks.  Both technologies work seamlessly in the background with zero impact on fleet operations or service, and no driver training requirements. 

XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System

  System Weight: Vans 350 lbs / Chassis 385 lbs
  Electronic Speed Governor: Up to 85 MPH
  Lithium Ion Battery: 1.8 kWh 
  Charging: Regenerative braking
  Fuel Savings*: 25% increase in miles driven per gallon

XLP™ Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive System

  System Weight: Truck 700 lbs
  Electronic Speed Governor: Up to 75 MPH
  Lithium Ion Battery: Over 10 kWh 
  Charging: Level 1 or Level 2, plus regenerative braking
  Fuel Savings*: 50% increase in miles driven per gallon

*Actual savings may vary.

Harnessing the Power
of Regenerative Braking

Both our hybrid technologies transform an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) vehicle into a hybrid vehicle by adding an electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery pack, and control software to the vehicle without making significant vehicle modifications or modifying the internal combustion engine or transmission.

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System saves fuel through regenerative braking, a process by which the electric motor helps slow the vehicle during braking, to charge the hybrid battery. Then, when the driver accelerates, the hybrid battery releases the stored energy to the electric motor, helping to propel the vehicle. Our proprietary hybrid controls make the electric motor assist smooth and seamless to the driver and passengers.

In addition to regenerative braking, the XLP features a larger, high voltage lithium ion battery pack to achieve a 50% increase in miles driven per gallon. XLP is compatible with Level 1 (12 hrs.) and Level 2 (3 hrs.) charging using an industry-standard J1772 plug interface.

Accelerate Brake Store [infographic]
The XL3 system generates
100% of its own electricity
during deceleration

Makes and Models

Fleet-Ready™ Hybrid Electric Systems are available on the following vehicles:

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tech F 150 Phev
2018 Ford F-150
Pickup Truck
tech ford f250
2018 Ford F-250 Pickup Truck
tech ford transit
2015-2018 Ford Transit Passenger
and Cargo Vans
tech chevy express van
2010-2018 Chevy Express and
GMC Savana Passenger and Cargo Vans
tech ford stripped chassis
Ford E-350/450 Cutaway
XL E350 450 StrippedChassis 150dpi
Ford E-350/450 Stripped Chassis
tech ford super stripped chassis
2011-2018 Ford F59 Super Duty
Commercial Stripped Chassis
tech isuzu and util reach van
2013-2018 Utilimaster Reach™ Van
powered by Isuzu
tech chevy express
2017-2018 Chevy Express Cutaway and
GMC Savana Cutaway
tech ford cutaway
2011-2018 Ford E-350/450 Shuttle Bus

Measuring System Performance

Our proprietary XL Link™ technology provides a continuous data link from your hybrid vehicles. We collect hundreds of operational data points, such as miles driven, fuel usage, idling time and average speed. We use this data to proactively monitor XL Hybrids system health, ensure vehicle uptime and report MPG performance in the field.

XL LinkToday, we’re at tens of millions customer miles with 99.9+% vehicle uptime, and counting